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Design and architecture play a larger role in all our lives than we probably understand. From the cool frontal building views we pass on our daily shuttle to the inviting interiors we spend our work life in, each space execute a role in what we visualize every day and how we experience the environment around us. As a matter of fact, it should come as no surprise that modern home design is a passion for many families. More than just for aesthetic appeal! The layout and structure of a home define the owner and the lifestyle they dream to lead.

Here is the checklist which can help you to create a modern home:

  • Eco-Friendly features – First come the wall material, where you can use cob and straw bale as your support material. Cob is a natural material made up of sand, clay and straw; which is not only durable but also gives a fairy-tale cottage effect to your abode. For straw bale construction you might want to get rid of the moisture for better stability. Coming to rooftop materials you can implement earth sheltered homes where your roof will be covered with green. This is in trend and also eco-friendly. Solar-roofing is the next most widely used eco-friendly roofing technique; where solar panels are fitted which, in turn, provides your electricity.  For flooring opt for bamboo and cork flooring. To make it more traditional, install natural fibre carpeting.
  • A Well Planned Architecture – Select a floor plan that best suits your lifestyle. The layout of your rooms should be according to your family size and also the ages of the children. Most people who have young children like to have private spaces in their rooms – bathrooms and bedrooms combined in one space of the floor plan. The planning has to be done according to your friend circle. If your family hosts guests frequently then a wide foyer opening with a dining and living room will be best. Click here to get more info on design.
  • Use statement furniture – You can start small. You are feeling really bold; you can go for the patterned daybed or couch. But if you need to sooth into patterns, then try a side chair, which can more easily compliment larger pieces you already have. Choose your patterns wisely. If you implementing too many patterns, you are making the décor a bit confusing! Instead, go for a singular, eye-catching pattern which can light up your space!
  • Smart Appliances – These days anyone can make their home smart by installing the latest technology in their home; which comes at an affordable price too. Install-
  • A voice assistant – it will help you to keep track of every movement and will also play your movies and music according to your commands!
  • A smart lock – these devices operate automatically and sense when to lock the door and open as per your proximity to the door.
  • Security cameras – it’s like keeping an “actual eye” on every movement inside as well as outside your home.

Now that you have the checklist, make your home modern and increase your day-to-day productivity; as modern homes are solely meant for a healthy and easy living!

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