August 27, 2018 Eliza Arcudia

The exterior of our home held equal importance like that of our interiors. Our guest’s first impression generally builds up with a look at our pavements. Well maintained and beautifully designed pavements are sure to take all your guests in awe. If you want to bring change in the vibes of your home then you need to pay a close attention to this study. New Trend Of Pavements There was a time when grey stones were used for designing the pavements but time has changed and so new trends have begun to shape your block paving in a different way….

August 14, 2018 Christine Alexander

You cannot think of a home or office without windows. Since the time immemorial and with the evolution of the best practices of modern living, windows have increasingly found a favour with the residential and commercial buildings. In other words, windows today serve a host of purposes. For instance, windows are meant for proper ventilation. Simultaneously, windows today are deemed as an avenue for creating extraordinary designs bespoke to one’s individual need and preferences. In fact, walls have paved the way to bigger windows with the fixed panes. As a matter of fact, specialised services such as the window repair…

August 2, 2018 Christine Alexander

Knauf Insulation is a well-respected and rapidly growing name within the insulation industry offering top quality internal wall insulation products to building slabs, leading the way with products that allow you to make your home more energy efficient and saving you heaps on money on energy bills. One of the best ways to cut down on energy bills is through internal wall insulation. This tremendously reduces the amount of energy used for home heating and cooling purposes. However, though cheaper and effective, internal wall insulation can be quite disruptive since it needs the removal as well as refixing of some…

August 1, 2018 Eliza Arcudia

Whether it is home or office, the door hardware needs to be perfect as it is associated with security. There is a number of door hardware available in the market but choosing the right door hardware is a bit critical. You need to focus on many factors before choosing them. Along with offering security, door hardware also helps in enhancing the overall interior of the door. Door hardware is like an extension of the door’s look. Thus, it needs much consideration when deciding the perfect hardware for the door. (more…)