May 16, 2018 Christine Alexander

Water line repair can be very costly and in many cases it can be stopped. But has anyone ever taken the time to figure out if such damage can be avoided? Here are a few ways to work toward avoiding leaky pipes. (more…)

Eliza Arcudia

A good night’s sleep is something that everyone wants to have so that they can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day. The quality of sleep depends on a variety of factors and you bed mattress is perhaps the most important amongst these. A bed mattress is an expensive investment and it may not be possible to replace it time and again. Buying a mattress topper is a good idea to revitalize and upgrade your mattress if you cannot purchase a new one.  It can add a layer of softness for giving better support and thus, better sleep….

Christine Alexander

People invest a huge of money while building their house and yet feel something is missing as soon as they begin to live in the house. Everyone deserves to live in a house which gives them sheer comfort and happiness but is that possible without any professional help? Well, if you ask yourself, you will definitely get the answer. Building a house with utmost love, passion, and patience is not everyone’s cup of tea and that is the major reason why people give up in the end and stuff their house with whatever best they are getting. (more…)

Christine Alexander

With a large number of bathtubs available in the market, it can become difficult to make the right choice. There are different types and sizes of bathtubs that meet different user requirements. If you are buying a bathtub for elderly, you need to consider ease of use and convenience over everything else. The freestanding tub is a type of bathtub which is installed with a shower. It stands on its own and is also known as a standalone tub. It has finished sides that need not be connected to any wall. However, the tubs occupy a lot of space inside…