February 2, 2018 Eliza Arcudia

You might be the owner of your property, and thinking about the resale value or renovating your house as per the latest trends. The two most significant portions of any home are the kitchen and the basement portions. The modernisation of these two exclusive portions can certainly add value to your property, and subsequently, raise its resale value. Unluckily, renovating a kitchen or the basement portion can be moderately costly. On the other hand, there are many methods to cut repairing costs drastically without giving up the appearance of a particular portion. If you’re looking for an affordable refurbishing idea,…

Russell Murphy

If putting a roof light in your new or old home, there are a few things that you need to know. There are many names to describe glass that is designed for your roof such as roof light, skylight and lantern light, but they are all designed to add light and height to any room and also to allow air flow using ventsif that’s required. (more…)