Christine Alexander

One of the most durable stones, granite is generally used in artistic and architectural applications like the outdoor sculpture. This visibly granular igneous rock is usually available in pink, light or dark grey colors. Consisting of the quartz and feldspars and other dark minerals, granite is often sold as black. With little or no quartz or alkali feldspars, these pieces are interchangeably used with true granites. Mica, pyroxene and hornblende etc are the other contents that are contained in granite. It is not an acid soluble stone like limestone, marble or calcareous sandstones. Granite is more resistant to cleansing agents,…

Russell Murphy

If you have a home that needs more space, you have probably considered adding a room to your house. While adding a room is often a great decision, you should also consider a detached building. Detached buildings are often called mother-in-law apartments because of an old custom in which mothers-in-law would live with their children. These buildings now serve just about anyone who needs extra space. Most typically, they are used for storage space or living space. If you are using them for storage space, you will have fewer requirements than you would for a living space. (more…)

Eliza Arcudia

Hiring a professional house painting contractor will lessen the stress you have been experiencing when it comes to home renovation. All you need to do is find the right contractor. This professional contractor will suit your needs. Read below the tips from Wincrest on how to find the right contractor for you: (more…)

Christine Alexander

Those who have gardens, yards or such other green places attached to their properties are really blessed. It is because you may get relaxed for sometime while enjoying the greenery and natural scenarios in your garden. To sit and get relaxed in your garden or patio you definitely need something such as chair, tables, stools etc. The furniture items used in a garden or patio are commonly called as garden furniture. (more…)